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You send us all of your footage, digital files or web links, DVDs without copy protection on them too.

We will provide a first edit; We will send it to you for your feedback but we can also meet and discuss which scenes you prefer.

We recut scenes so they focus more on you and improve sound and picture quality wherever I can.

We will send a second and eventually a third edit until you are satisfied. 

Finally, you'll receive your final edited showreel in a HD digital format, ready for upload to the web!

Prices: 150£  an extra 50£ can be charged depending on the amount of work that is required. But no surprises, everything is discussed in advance.

Here few example of our works:

Luca Matteo Zizzari - showreel

Marco Gambino - showreel

Emilien Fabrizio - showreel

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