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We'll have a chat about your casting type and acting career, and find together what scenes would work best for you.
If you have it already, that's fantastic!
If not, we can write it one specifically for you.
You are responsible for finding your props, costumes and any other required actors and we have to film in a location we have free access to.
Shooting takes around 3-4 hours per scene;
We can shoot two scenes in a day.

Once we have what we need we will do a first edit and email it to you for feedback.

If you would like any changes, we will do a second edit.

Finally, you receive your full scene in a HD digital format, ready for upload to the internet.


- 200£ for a monologue filmed and edited.        

- 300£ for one scene filmed and edited.

- 400£ for two scenes filmed and edited.        

- 450£ for three scenes filmed and edited.

We understand that sometimes you can't afford it, that's why we have some discounts too (student and others). Just ask us.


Contact us!

Un example of our work: HERE.

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