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The World in a classroom


"The world in a classroom" is a podcast about the experiences of young refugees, asylum seekers and migrant students in five European countries: Italy, Germany, France, Poland and the UK.

Have you wondered what today’s classrooms look like in Europe? How do students with different background, languages and cultures learn in the same class and how do teachers deal with multiculturalism?
Stories of isolation and discrimination, inadequate education systems, but also stories of friendship, resilience and success.

"The world in a classroom" is a podcast produced by Excaliburproductionsltd

Hosted by Stephen Armstrong

Written by Marzia Minore and Carolina Rapezzi

With the collaboration of Ula Idzikowska, David Simantov Levi, Shirin Abedi, Agata Szymanska-Medina.

Music and sound design Rohan Onraet
The project was supported by JournalismfundEurope and mentored by Crina Boros

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