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Acting is no different from any other business – you have to invest in good tools.

Good tools? Yes! Showreel, headshots, website, business card and social network!

What makes a good showreel? It’s a reflection of you and all of your work. You want your showreel to be fast paced enough to show a range of your acting skills.

You need to grab casting director and filmaker's attention instantly and keep it to watch it all.

A casting director or an agent receives hundred of showreels per days.

So... A showreel to be efficient has to be clear, short, clean.

Clear: It has to be YOU, don't put a scene with a lot of actors in. It's confusing.

Short: A showreel is between 1 and 3 minutes. No longer.

Clean: No wierd editing and music all the way long. Simple is the key. We want to see your acting, your skills. A showreel is not a short movie!

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